How to Pair our kodi app with olpair

Olpair is a great innovation of technology sector. The Olpair is used for free delivery of different videos through the different addons. Actually, why should we get some interruptions while trying to watch a movie? how does olpair resolve the kodi streaming issues,..etc? So these topics we are going to cover in this article.

Probably, when we are watching a movie through the different addons, we were getting some servers list which is forced the user to do open them. Why do servers list would appear, how do we get rid of them,…etc? So let me tell you the brief explanation of those issues.

Here You Can Get How To Pair Kodi With Olpair

You will get rid of servers list when you know how to get rid of the servers issue. Now we are giving step by step information to get rid of those servers issue. Be conscious while using the below steps to pair your device with the Olpair.

  1. Select one of your favourite movie or any movie from your kodi addon on your device
  2. Now you will see different kinds of servers list on your kodi screen
  3. From them, you have to select Olpair.com
  4. When you select that olapir.com you will get a pop up which says
  5. “To play this video you need stream authorization”
  6. At that time you have to open this https://olpair.com/ in any browser
  7. In the next step, you would get “I am Not a Robot” so just give a tick its “Box
  8. Finally, click on the “Pair” after few seconds you will get “Your  Device Successfully Paired”

If you follow the above procedure you might not get any kind of “Servers List” on your kodi addons. So just follow them and solve your issues on your kodi.

How Many Possible Times It needs To Pair With Your Device

Actually, you can enjoy all your streaming videos for four hours after you pairing your Device IP address with the Olpair IP address. But after completion of your four hours duration service, you would get interruptions again. That means you have to pair your device IP address with the Olpair IP address. For that, you can follow the same procedure to pair.


Whenever you want to know about the Olpair, you can come to this site eventually and get the whole information about the olpair. We will update this article eventually, in order to provide you with the updated information we always keep meeting and experiencing different experts and different users and from them, we try to get better answers and we will post them in this site.

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