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How To Use Bronzer

90% of American women feel that tanned skin makes them attractive. Hence tanning is an activity which is very popular in United States. Different procedures have evolved and the use of topical creams which help in tanning the body is very popular. These topical creams are commonly known as bronzers and are available in the market as powders, lotions and creams. When you are learning How To Use Bronzer, you have to understand the application of bronzer is temporary and once you clean your body with soap and water, the bronzer substance gets washed away immediately. The bronzer used is applied on the outer surface of the skin only and is an important part of daily makeup routine for women.

How To Use BronzerWhy do people use bronzer?

When you are using bronzer, they are made of ingredients like caramel, and special oil extracts of walnut and jojoba oil. Most women use the bronzer since they protect the skin from the harsh rays of the sun and also give it the tanned look. For example if you have tired skin in your body, the application of bronzer would make it look fresh. Most expert makeup artists use the bronzer to highlight features like cheekbones and also conceal facial features which are generally unattractive.

Where is the bronzer applied?

Makeup experts would recommend using bronzer in facial areas which are highlighted by natural sunshine. These areas could be the chin, cheeks, forehead and chin. When selecting the bronzer you should buy a bronzer which is not very intense in shimmer or sports a deep orange look. You should never use the bronzer is such a manner which would reveal that you are using one. The main objective of using a bronzer would be to define your jawline and remove attention from jowls. If you have a high forehead, you can make it look smaller. A wide nose could be made to look slimmer by appropriately using bronzer.

What shade of bronzer would you select?

Nowadays many companies manufacture bronzers which are of different shades. The shades could be dark, medium and even light. Experts would recommend selecting bronzer shades which would be two shades darker than your original skin shade. The shade of bronzer that you would use in summer is quite different from the bronzer that you would use in winter. If you are fair skinned and get sunburned easily then you would need to use bronzers which are in pink or peach shades. Copper colored bronzers are very good for olive skinned people and dark colored bronzers look good on women with dark skins. Do not select bronzers which have orange color in them and this would make your skin look unnatural.

How do you select bronzers?

When you are learning How To Use Bronzer you have to understand how to select one which is right for your skin. Oily and normal skins need bronzer which is powder based. When you apply the bronzer over your face, you would need to use a short brush which is fluffy in nature. The brush then can be applied gently to highlight the selected area of the face. When the application is complete, you can dust away the extra bronzer powder. Dry skin is best suited for bronzers which are gel or cream based. You can apply the bronzer on your face using a sponger or simply your fingers. When you use the cream bronzers, you should blend it easily into the skin. Otherwise it might look as if you have too much makeup on your face.

Why do you need blush?

Makeup experts would recommend using cream-blush with bronzer. This enriches your look. Legendary makeup artist Bobbi Brown is of the opinion that bronzers should be applied on days when you are very little or no foundation.

Common Questions Asked By Users

• How do you avoid streaking? When you are using bronzer on your body, you might get it streaked. You could prevent this by exfoliating a body and this would remove dead skin. You could also shave a day ahead, before you apply the body bronzer.

• How do you maintain the sun kissed look? You should moisturize the area which be used by the bronzer. This would help it to glow for longer periods.

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